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Everyone that has ever risen to that place of greatness has passed through this waiting room of life. I pass through mine. David spent his owe time in the waiting room of life. Noah spent his own time,about a hundred years.Abraham spent his own time, about forty years in the desert. Joshua and Caleb spent their own time ,about forty years waiting to take over their portion on the promise land. Jesus spent his own thirty years in silence. The waiting room of life has a seat for you, dont worry your self about HOW LONG you would spent in that room. HOW LONG you spend is not as important as WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHILE YOU ARE WAITING.

God cannot bless your life and ministry without passing you through the UNPOPULAR WAITING ROOM. Unpopular because the flesh hate to wait. Unpopular because waiting is seen as been slow and being slow is seen as being defeated. But the Holy Ghost want you to know that avoiding the WAITING ROOM which is your waiting time before your decoration is as good as avoiding the TRAINING SCHOOL OF CHAMPIONS.

THE WAITING ROOM is the place where your purpose and pain are analysed and reveal to you. It is the place where you are revealed to yourself. It is the place where you know that  YOUR PURPOSE IS GREATER THAN YOUR PAIN. Just as sweet wine comes from crushed grapes,the waiting room is the place you are CRUSHED to bring forth the sweetness and greatness in you. No wonder Jesus said: “tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem ,UNTIL you are endued with the power from on high”. It is the place where God makes you to tarry and pass through classroom of life’s university. The word “UNTIL” means it is not FOREVER!

The WAITING ROOM is the place where your HISTORY (your past) is separated from your HIGH STORY(your future). You cannot run this race of life by your power or human skills.

If Jesus waited for thirty years, why would you want to hurry? Always remember that HURRY leads to SORRY. When you seem to be slowing down and delayed by serious crises and battles just know that God is up to something awesome behind the scene.


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  • cuttyidy


    thanks for adding me up on your blog. i have always been motivated and inspired by your stories and achievement. more grease to your elbow. thanks

    March 17, 2017
  • ogeeh



    March 26, 2017