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There is nothing as good as having God as your ally. I pity those who make men their sheild. It is foolishness to do so because man is limited and cannot even help himself when he becomes overwhelmed with the circumstances of life. There is nothing impossible with God and there is no situation that is beyond Him. This is why i want  to abide in Him always because i know He alone will never fail.


“But Thou oh Lord are a sheild for me, my glory and the lufter up of my head”. Psalms 3:3……..


Who do you cry to when people are not only interested in taking your position but also taking your life?

Who do you cry to when that strange woman is not only interested in taking your husband but also your life?

God is the only one who can lift one supernaturally.


There are people who have grief in their hearts. There are those who have been praying and crying for help. There are those who have been sowing in tears. If you are included in these groups, i want you to be comforted because the Almighty God will lift you higher than your problems in Jesus name.

Do not lose hope in the ability of God to deliver you from any plot against your life. Just call upon the Lord and you will see Him destroying your enemies with their own hands. It does not matter how many enemies  are surrounding you at all sides, there is protection for you in God. God is the one who lifts up the heads of His children. He puts great honour upon them and removes everything that has to do with shame and reproach. He is a deliverer to those who run to Him and He ensures all things work out together for their good.

Are you in any situation in which the number of people rising up against you are on the increase simply because God is on your side?

I want to assure you that the Almighty God will give you peace and calm in the midst of the storm. God will deliver you out of every hand that is holding you down. The fact that God has been fighting on your behalf in the past should give you an assurance that you are a permanent candidate for supernatural lifting, as long as you are at peace with God. All you need to do is ensure that there is no unrighteousness  or ungodlinesd in you. Do not follow the path of the wicked. Live holy and be obedient in faith. Give yourself to prayers always so that you can put the devil where he belongs. Those who walk in the truth of the gospel will always enjoy glory and honour from God. Be strong in the promises of God and be fully  persuaded that all God has promised you will surely come to fulfilment………

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