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Lies-we-tell-ourselves-about-men-NHN-Couture LIE #1: A Christian man must be God’s best choice of a mate for me. First of all, just because a man calls himself a Christian doesn't mean a thing about his spiritual condition. Hitler probably professed to be a nice guy. What really shows a man’s faith is action—not trying to get you into bed until you are both wearing a ring; initiating his own personal relationship with God and encouraging yours as well; and especially holding his feelings back in the relationship to allow God to lead. God’s choice of a mate for you is going to be a godly man, and if you listen, God will tell you through an active prayer life and the counsel of other godly influences whether this is the one He has picked out for you.

Dear-Husband-NHN-Couture-Lookbook There will always be somebody prettier than your wife, but they can never be what she is to you! Beauty is only skin deep. Your wife prays for you while you sleep! She knows (and understands) how you think and loves you when you are unlovable! The wife you chose, respects your decisions even when she doesn't fully understand your reasoning! When you had little to no money, your wife stood by you! The grass is not greener on the other side! IT'S JUST GRASS OVER THERE! If you want prettier grass.... tend to it! Water your own grass (give your wife the love she needs to flourish under your care). Keep your lawn groomed (take her shopping regularly and make sure she feels AND LOOKS BEAUTIFUL)! Keep folks from walking on your grass (it's your job to protect her from criticism and hurtful words from others). No one has a greater wife than you (this should be the mind-set of every husband walking on this planet earth)! Have a great day friends and share to the men in your life ;) Dear-Husband-NHN-Couture-Lookbook-1

Explain to your daughter why dressing modestly is an important way to honor God with the body He has given her. Help her understand that immodest clothes send wrong messages to guys and stimulate them to think lustfully towards her. Let her know why choosing to be modest is a vital part of respecting her dignity as a person. Ask God to give her the confidence she needs to refrain from seeking attention in the wrong way, such as by dressing immodestly to flaunt her body and gain approval from others. This might sound old school to these days 'modern mothers' or 'yummy mummies' as they call themselves! Some moms want to outlive their teenage lives that they never had in the lives of these young growing teenagers! Some claim it's fashionable to be half-naked as a teenager and it's trendy to exposure their body! Mothers we have to be true to ourselves! The question now is "so to be covered and decent , is not fashionable?" It's so sad because these mothers themselves are particularly naked too, exposing everything for the world to see and lying to themselves that their husbands like it that way! Now let me tell you all the truth and my opinion. "No real husband, will allow his wife go out half-naked!" What I don't understand is the logic behind it! The claim she is their "property" which of course she is, if he can allow the whole world see her partly naked! It then means, he doesn't love her and that she is just there to be shared with everybody. REAL MEN LOVE THEIR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS AND WANT TO PROTECT THEM! REAL MEN ARE JEALOUS OF THEIR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS AND TRY SO MUCH TO SHIELD THEM NOT EXPOSE THEM! Now get this straight ladies, if your husband or boyfriend allows you out half-naked then be less assured you are just that kind of babe he is lusting outside your marriage or relationship! 70 percent of indecent dresses wives have their husband's cheating on them! Period! A word is enough for the wise! DRESS YOUR STATUS GIRLS! DRESS YOUR AGE LADIES! YOU WILL BE ADDRESSED THE WAY YOU ARE DRESSED! Stop deceiving yourselves! BE A TREND SETTER NOT A COPYCAT! Because others are doing it doesn't make it right! HAVE A BLESSED DAY AND A FRUITFUL WEEK! NHN-Couture-32-a NHN-Couture-35-a

No matter your past battle, failure, disappointment or even successes, DON'T STAY THERE! Move on from today or yesterday's failure to tomorrow's fortune! You must move on from today or yesterday's frustration to tomorrow's inspiration! DON’T STAY THERE! Move on from today or yesterday's pain to tomorrow's gain! DON’T STAY THERE! Move on from today or yesterday's tears to tomorrow's triumph! DON’T STAY THERE! Move on from today or yesterday's demotion to tomorrow's promotion, from today or yesterday's wounds to tomorrow's wisdom! DON’T STAY THERE! Every nonsense confronting you must expire, your best days are still ahead- MOVE ON! ODM. NHN Couture Weekend Lookbook- Enjoy! PNW_1847-march1

At NHN Couture we encourage our clients to save money and re-rock their outfit! You know what I mean! Take one wrapper from another ensemble, blouse from another, spice it up with an awesome jewelry and gele and BOOM! You have a whole new ensemble without having to shop for a new one! Our fabrics are exclusive and can be rocked over and over again. A good worth for your money. HERE'S IS HOW TO RE-ROCK ONE OUTFIT FOR 3 DIFFERENT OCCASIONS AND STILL STEAL THE SHOW! PNW_1782-march1

As-a-man-thinketh-in-his-heart These are just some of my random thoughts about how men view women. BE BLESSED. "…man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart." (1Sam. 16:7) Some men are "leg" men. Some men are "breast" men. Some are "butt" men! A lot of men are very good at seeing the female form. They can appreciate it in all aspects. They have their likes and dislikes about the physical features of a female. They judge a woman's worth based on her form and how much she meets their criteria for physical beauty. They can see her but, they cannot see the woman inside the female. While they can easily see and appreciate the outer beauty of the female (which will fade over time), they have no idea of how to see and appreciate the beauty of the woman inside the female (which continues to grow over time).

To all my single friends and fans... BE WISE, LOVE IS NO MORE BLIND! PRAYERFULLY ENGAGE THE HOLY SPIRIT AS YOU AWAIT YOUR SOUL MATES! SO BEGIN BY LOVING YOURSELF FIRST, BEFORE YOU FIND LOVE! Love-Yourself-First-NHN-Couture-Fouad-Sarkis-Couture2 Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy this powerful message and NHN Couture's favorite pick for Valentine 2015 from Fouad Sarkis Couture!

Deep within us, there seems to be this need to love and to be loved. And of course, as cute as puppies and kittens are, the love we usually want the most is human love, especially love from someone we hope to marry and stay married to for life.

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