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21 Days of Fasting: Waiting on God for Direction, Revelation and Instruction for 2015

21 Days of Fasting

I will encourage as many that can be a part of this to please do.
It’s very important we wait on God for directions, revelations and instructions for the year! This is where and how I get all my victories for the year sorted out!

Especially for business owners, don’t be afraid to fast, you will be amazed at the impact when you finish. I can testify. For me it’s a lifestyle and I am a living proof! For all the testimonies we shared concerning NHN Couture, this is how it all started, laying it on Jesus feet!

After all you have nothing to lose but so much to gain! It’s not as difficult as people think!

Just imagine yourselves on a diet, especially you divas but the only different is that you are praying, studying and living right while waiting!

Tips for your 21 Days of Fasting:

  • Try cutting down on socials!
  • Dedicate your time on studying!
  • Buy relevant Christian books addressing your area of need!
  • Get a note-book to jot down revelations as the come!
  • Reduce visiting and talking too much!
  • Reduce TV programmes, FB, IG etc!
  • Learn to wake up at midnight for 1 hour for praise, worship and studying, it really helps, so you can return back to bed to wake up early enough without stress to prepare for work!
  • Learn to go to bed early! Try going to bed as least latest by 9pm. I retire latest by 7:30 pm during this period so I can wake by 12 midnight and go back by 1:30 am or 2 am.
  • Try to break by 6 pm. Don’t be lazy. Don’t break by 12 noon or 2 pm. The longer you wait, the better for you, so you can hear God speak and directs effectively!
  • Eat light when breaking. I do fruits and salads and smoothies! Very energetic and good vitality!

As this time I employ the services of @greengrillhouse for all my daily different variety of interesting salads and it’s really well filling! Remember to drink hot tea or chocolate first when breaking.

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  • Joy


    Thank you for the encouragement and tips. God bless you.

    January 4, 2015
  • Saratu Yaro


    Thanks so much Nkechi may God almighty reward you. mrs Umar Sent from my iPad

    January 4, 2015

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