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Abba Father, Please Place The Following Anointing Upon Me

Abba Father, please place the following anointing upon me as I start this new day:

Mashiach’s anointing for intercessory prayer, signs, wonders, miracles, spiritual warfare, and a purpose driven life

Solomon’s anointing for resource management, wisdom, wealth, success, and prosperity.

Isaac’s anointing for investment strategies.

Cyrus’ anointing for financial acumen.

Samuels’s anointing for sensitivity and obedience to the voice of God.

Esther’s anointing for divine favor and kingdom strategies.

Daniel’s anointing for government, excellence, and integrity.

Joseph’s anointing for political, business, and economic leadership strategies.

Joshua’s anointing for warfare, prosperity, and success strategies.

Abraham’s anointing for pioneering new territories, real-estate acquisitions, and inter-generational covenant blessings.

Moses’ anointing as a trailblazer and leader.

Nehemiah’s anointing as a renovator and restorer.

Ezra’s anointing as an authentic worshiper of the true and living God.

Deborah’s anointing for balance.

David’s anointing for worship and praise.

Paul’s anointing for cutting-edge apostolic revelation.

Elijah’s anointing for prophetic accuracy and insights.

Elisha’s anointing for servant-hood, ministerial succession, and the double portion of jurisdictional power and authority.

Issachar’s anointing for discernment for correct times and seasons.

Abigail’s anointing for hospitality and prudence.

Anna’s anointing of intercession.

Uzziah’s anointing for technological advancement.

The disciples’ anointing for learning.

Jabez’s anointing for territorial and intellectual growth.

Eve’s anointing for fruitfulness and dominion.

Cause the Apostolic and Prophetic anointing to converge, explode, and be manifested in my life with accuracy, authenticity, clarity, and elegance, in Jesus Mighty and Matchless Name, Amen.


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