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About NHN Couture

NHN Couture is a vision on a mission! Bringing decency back to church first and the society at large! Covered yet sexy, fabulous and simply classy is our motto! IT IS A MINISTRY FIRST AND A CLOTHING LINE SECOND. NHN IS ALL ABOUT GOD, HIS FAITHFUL, HIS BEAUTY, HIS DESIGNS, HIS IDEA, HIS VISION. NHN Couture Collection is known for it's exclusive fabrics which we stock for just 2/3 ladies and still maintain our exclusivity but also cater for certain fabrics in bulk especially for aso-ebi. We are also the exclusive store for Fouad Sarkis Couture in Nigeria

NKy Harry Ngonadi

Who is Nkechi Harry Ngonadi

Nkechi Harry Ngonadi, entrepreneur , motivational speaker. fashion designer and CEO of NHN Couture is a woman of many parts and a successful industry leader . She made her debut and caught much attention in the fashion industry with her slogan – Bringing Decency Back to Fashion with her brand NHN

Early Life

Nkechi Harry Ngonadi was born 18th November 1975, grew up in the ancient and beautiful city of Zaria in Kaduna State, where she lived most of her life. She attended the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University where she studied Urban and Regional Planning and today she is married to top military personnel - Rear Admiral Harry Ngonadi. The couple are parents to two children.


Nkechi Harry Ngonadi , is an Entrepreneur, Motivational speaker and CEO of the fashion house – NHN Couture ,a rare and unique brand which advocates strongly against indecent dressing in the fashion industry . She has been acknowledged by many leading publications for changing the narrative. This singular act has not just seen the NHN brand rise to the top but also seen it bridge the gap between fashion and the Christian faith using fashion as the major vehicle of the message.

NHN: The Brand

Starting out with her first love – Fashion, Nkechi has been able to use this ever evolving platform to educate, enrich and empower other women folk . A well travelled woman, showcasing her fashion prowess and speaking at public engagements , Nkechi started her journey in 2013. She has since been featured on the cover edition of various top shelf magazines like – Thisday , Genevieve and Todays’ woman magazines who have interviewed world renowned personalities among other notable publications .

NHN: Projects

In 2018, NHN launched the BE MORE Foundation, a platform of empowerment for the less privileged to be motivated through fashion . This saw the brand give out grants to over 40 businesses Other NHN projects are The War Room and The Morning Declarations for both women, self employed and entrepreneurs .

NHN: Awards & Nominations

Nkechi Harry Ngonadi has been recognized both Internationally & Nationally for not just her contributions to fashion design but also in mentoring and women empowerment at large . Since her debut on the runway in Dubai in November 2015 which was a beauty to behold -as the rich display of fabrics showing Nigeria’s diverse culture were duly admired. In 2018, she received THE DESIGNER OF THE YEAR award at the Runway Dubai fashion show. At the same event, NHN used this global platform to highlight the struggles of the African women, using women who have overcome issues, emerging victorious. Some of these notable awards include Women of Praise Awards Uk(2016), 100 Nigeria’s Most Inspiring Women(2017), La Mode Magazine- Fashion designer of the year(2017), Social Media Change Agent of the year(2017), 30 Africa’s Most Powerful Women in Business(2017), 11 African Entrepreneurs Who are Changing the Business Landscape(2018) , La Mode Magazine - Inspiring Humanitarian of the year(2018), NAPS Outsanding Award of Excellence(2018), Honoree -Wheatle Peart Global Business Ball (2019)

NHN: Motivational Speaker

Nkechi Harry Ngonadi aka NHN is a recipient of various awards. She was featured by the renowned among the 11 AFRICAN ENTREPRENEURS changing the business landscape.
NHN was also featured by BUSINESS ELITES AFRICA among the 30 AFRICA'S MOST POWERFUL WOMEN. Her strong business acumen saw her as a keynote speaker at the Lagos Enterprise Summit which was designed to bring top notch stakeholders –top government officials and seasoned entrepreneurs together to discuss ways in which the public sector can support the private sector and galvanize Job creation, with a focus on succeeding at doing business in Nigeria. She has also been involved in quite a number of prominent social responsibility engagements like “The BETA Proposition organised by a prestigious banking institute seeking to address convenience and financial access to women in Africa and third world countries. The program was also aimed at pulling down barriers to accessing formal financial services locally. Other speaking engagements include –The Hub which is a Global Business and Success Conference where she spoke on the secrets and principles needed to make businesses stay relevant in this generation. Other national and international speaking engagements include - The New Age influencer Fashionoreneurs, Ted X by a prestigious university – Covenant university ( 2017), The Women International Forum, Women Arise Conference, Leading Voices Africa, Youth Alive program, Women of Influence 2018 and many more to her credit.

About Nkechi Harry Ngonadi Blog

The Nkechi Harry Ngonadi Blog's goal is to Inspire, Encourage and Mentor. I am passionate about God, family, style and encouraging women to embrace Godly womanhood in whatever stage of life they are in. I want to help other women see the beauty and dignity in fulfilling the roles God has called us to, especially in our homes and also what a huge impact we as women can have in the society we live in, as well as generations to come. My desire is that you will find this blog an encouragement to you -in your calling as a single lady, career woman, wife and mother. I hope you'll stick around, read the articles, and chat a bit! ⇒NHN Blog

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