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Some women spend a lot of time and energy in the name of looking cute, NAKED and sexy- low-cut tops to show off their cleavage, short dresses and skirts to show off their legs- are quite common. And that is the problem, it is QUITE COMMON. It is seen so much, that one blends into another. There is always another sexy, cute girl around the corner. You see, sexy and cute appeals to the eye, it never gets past the eyes of most men. And the eyes have no memory because the eyes focus on what’s in front of them at the moment- out of sight is out of mind! That is the essence of cute and sexy. Sexy will always get attention, but it almost never holds interest. And you don’t hear grown men referring to a woman that he is interested in as being “cute.” Cute is for boys, not men. Men use words like attractive, beautiful, sensual and many other ways to describe a woman of interest. But, not cute. Cute is reserved for boys and girls.
The woman who holds a man’s attention is the one who gets past his eyes and into his head. Sexy and cute very seldom get into a man’s head. There is a difference between being sexy- which is contrived, made up and having sex appeal- which flows naturally from the woman’s character. Men remember women who are self-aware and self-confident. Sexy is only self-centered.

Self-confidence & Self-centered

Be aware of the difference.

A sexy woman tries to dress to make herself look good but a self-aware woman makes whatever she wears look good.

She understands that clothes don’t make the woman, the woman makes the clothes. She is not into fad, she is into style. And her style is personal (COVERED, DECENT, CLASSY YET SEXY). It fits her. She is the one who will get past the eyes of a man and get into his head. He knows that there is not another “her” right around the corner.

Sexy, at the most, leads to a booty call. Class, modesty and style leads to relationships. Taking care of how she looks is automatic for a self-confident woman. So, her whole life is not about how she looks. She is also interested in other people, develops a sense of humor about herself and she is usually easy to talk to (I am not talking about cookie cutter, stamped out women who all think and act alike), these are just general qualities that are usually found in self-confident women to one degree or another. How they play out in each particular woman is different. They will have different tastes in clothes, foods, faith, music, humor, etc. One could be dressed in a tee-shirt and jeans and the other in an evening gown like my butterfly dress by Fouad Sarkis available in our showroom and they could have vastly different personalities. But, both will still exhibit that easy self-confidence, that sense of self, that goes way beyond the taste in clothes. And they will both get past the eyes of a man and into his head, though for very different reasons.


Toys are cute. You don’t want to be just another cute plaything for some man who still thinks like a boy because your indecent dressing says so. Men look at cute, naked and sexy, no doubt. But, there is no long-term attraction to cute, naked and sexy because more is always on the way.

Cute, naked and sexy is like icing without the cake: Sweet, appealing but no substance! You get tired of sweet with no substance very quickly. Men may look at “sweet” and may even want to taste “sweet,” but, they are attracted to substance! Again, I am talking about men, not boys.

I am not posting this to put any woman down regardless of how she dresses. I am simply sharing some facts of life that I shared with my daughter. Women sometimes think they know what men want. I am telling you what they really want. You are free to dress and act any way that you like.

But, remember, if you only reach the eyes, it’s out of sight and out of mind. If you really want to impress a man, don’t try. Just be yourself! Dress decent and modest and you will get past his eyes, into his head and his heart!





Makeup~ Jagabeauty Studio
Hair~ Saris Signature
Outfit~ Fouad Sarkis for NHN Couture (Simply Classy. Sexy yet covered)
Photo credit~ Photonimi
Model~ CEO NHN Couture, Mrs. Harry

  • morenike Afolabi


    May God continue to increase u in knowledge. Personally, I feel women who go naked all in the name of fashion have serious cases of inferiority complex.your designs are covered up but always on point which shows there is nothing sexy about being scantily dressed.I beg,continue telling them o.I wish n pray ur designs will always n continue to propagate decency.I dey always gbadun you jare!!!!!!remain blessed!

    February 9, 2015
  • Comfort


    My friends and I can’t get enough of your pieces of advice. God bless you. Our only concern is,we cannot get your shop in Ghana. Your attires are splendid. My wedding is upcoming and I will love to put on one of your evening gowns…where in Ghana can I get it?

    Bless you.

    February 10, 2015
  • Ms. Ashake


    Mrs. Nkechi, you’re lovely, and you’re an inspiration. Keep doing what you’re doing, Ma’am.

    February 12, 2015
  • Ntiasagwe Scholastica


    You have been a source of inspiration to me Mrs Harry and I am a firm advocate of your work.
    You are what I call,Classy is not Trashy #thumbs up Ma

    February 27, 2015
  • Pastor Helen Batire


    I would like to know if you ship to the United Kingdom. If yes… does one get the prices of the ready made clothing please. Thank you Pastor Helen

    January 18, 2016

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