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Life is full of people who rub us the wrong way. Whether it’s within our family, workplace, even among our clients, in church, or community, we’ve all encountered at least one person who drives us absolutely crazy. Maybe they say sly insults, tell bad jokes, tend to use you, take you for granted or invade our personal space. Whatever their annoying or hurtful habits are, our spirits are dampened and flustered by their presence in our lives.

As Christians, how do we cope with difficult people? Christ calls us to love selflessly and ceaselessly. So are we just supposed to force a smile and fake a laugh, while inside we’re cringing or crying or wanting to flee? How can we possibly be genuine with all these negative emotions broiling just beneath the surface?

We can’t do it on our own. Our broken, sinful hearts aren’t capable of scraping together nearly enough love to cover the foibles and flaws of our fellow humans. We occasionally have trouble loving even those who are dearest to us. So often, our feeble, fleeting attempts at love fall flat and our patience runs dry.

The only true source of compassion, strength, and love is God. If we embrace and rely completely on God’s love and forgiveness for us, we can then draw from his infinite provision and begin to love others more fervently and sincerely.

May God grant us understanding. Good morning friends!

Credit: The Art of Loving Unlovable People | 12 steps to help you deal with difficult people | By Hillary McMullen
  • Fatima Ola


    Dear Mrs Harry :
    God bless you for this inspiring message !!
    It’s not easy to cope with difficult people especially loved ones , those whom we swore to live with for better or worse , what if loving these persons selflessly doesn’t change them for the better ?? As humans I think there is a limit to our patience and endurance , don’t you think so??? From a personal point of view , when ever I step out with my husband we portray ourselves as this happy couple to the entire world but back home we live like strangers , how does God’s selfless love see somebody like me through ?????

    March 6, 2015
  • Aroji blessing


    Frankly speaking, coping with difficult people is like hell on earth! But as Christians ,we ought to be always positive and believe that no matter how dark the cloud might be, that there must be a silver lining! Just as you counseled us the other time, I hope that this too shall pass away! Thank you and remain blessed !

    March 7, 2015
  • Jacqueline


    Dealing with a difficult mother-in-law hmmm where do I start? I give God all the Glory I just put to bed the most beautiful girl in the world my heart is so full of praise, joy, peace. Looking at her and I forget everything I went through my husband and my daughter are my world that’s how I deal with my difficult mother-in-law she gave birth to the most amazing man in the world for me so for that I will find it in my heart to love her through it all.

    March 9, 2015
  • Stella Ajike


    Nne Nky, ko easy ra ra to deal with difficult people, biko. We may not agree but I have come to realise that each person has fragments of “difficulty” in their make up. It is simply a case of “How to control the monster in us.” As for me, I take a breather, walk far away from the volcano, seek the Holy Spirit, address the issue when the volcanic ash is cool and pretend nothing ever happened. Else, I for don join my ancestors tey tey! Lol! Keep up the great work you do dear. God bless.

    March 20, 2015

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