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Declare Speedy Acceleration This Year


1. I point my finger to the heavenly, anywhere my enemies are converging at midnight to render evil prayers against my life and destiny, I render it null and void, in the name of Jesus.(Pray it effectively) 
2. By divine agreement, anywhere my destiny has been CRYING in the wilderness, O God arise and let my destiny CONNECT back to me, in the name of Jesus.

3. EVIL AGREEMENT binded in the spiritual world against my moving forward, marriage, glory, children, business, visa etc, BE NULLIFIED! DISSOLVED BY FIRE! in the name of Jesus.
4. My spirit man currently in the network of witchcraft, I PULL YOU OUT completely in the name of Jesus.
5. Any power that says I will not move faster but CRAWLING, everlasting frustration will be your address; I declare my speedy acceleration this year, in the name of Jesus 
6. Any EVIL JUDGEMENT pronounced upon me and my marriage, I CANCEL IT in the astral world, in the name of Jesus

7. My Father, the body that is wearing my cloth of DESTINY, FAVOUR AND SUCCESS, that cloth shall disappear on their body, in the name of Jesus. MY GARMENT OF FAVOUR, I AM AVAILABLE, FALL UPON ME. 
8. Any man or woman that is going to meet an evil man/woman, false prophet against my marriage, against my career, against my promotion, against my womb etc, tonight, they will embark on a journey of no return, in the name of Jesus. 
9. O Lord, on the day of battle when the enemy is declaring furious INCANTATIONS in the air, MY GOD ARISE IN YOUR VENGEANCE, and destroy their mouth by fire, in the name of Jesus.

10. O LORD, let the eyes of my adversaries planning to attack me, let their eyes not OPEN until my life take a good turn this year, in the name of Jesus. 
11. MY FATHER, Any location where my destiny has been held hostage by the wicked powers of my father’s house and mother’s house, TONIGHT, I COMMAND MY DESTINY TO JUMP OUT AND LOCATE ME.


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