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  • essien tosin


    hello ma, aunty nkechi,am highly previldged to send u this mail,am a bead maker,and i love fashion,u inspire me a lot and i get lots of encouragements from you,l work at home cos i dnt have enough to start up my own biz,i get discouraged most times cos i no am gifted but my hands are tied financially, like i said earlier,i love fashion, i want to go to a makeup schl coupled wit my beadwrk but no one to surport dis quest of mine , aunty what do i do? i feel am wasting away, i want to wrk n surport my family but no help,i ‘ve prayed n have nt stoped praying,even right now i have flare for sowing cos i have a daughter n i just want to dress her up n make her clothes n make her beautiful, aunty,i’ l love to hear from you soon, sky is d limit for nhncouture.

    October 13, 2015
  • bimbo amedu


    Please is the sales still on?

    November 16, 2015

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