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Early will I seek thee…

In Psalm 63:1, David said, “Early will I seek thee.” Abraham was an early riser, Joshua was an early riser, Moses was an early riser, Jesus prayed early in the morning and David also prayed early in the morning. One benefit of prayer in the morning is your mind is clear, your spirit is alert, you are still at peace and you are not troubled by the issues of the day. You give God your first fruit, the best of your morning and the best of your day when you come before Him in the morning. With your mouth you will set the compass, you will set the direction, you will set the tenure, you will instruct the day on what to do for you, and the day has no reason not to obey you because you will decree a thing and it will come to pass (Job 22:28). LET US PRAY.
Good Morning, Father God! Good Morning, Jesus Christ! Good Morning, Holy Spirit! (Psalm 5:3).
Thank You for waking me up this morning (Psalm 3:5).
Thank You, Lord, for giving me life and strength, in Jesus’ name (Psalm 27:1).
Thank You, Father, for watching over my family and over me throughout the night. Thank You for giving Your angels charge over us, in the name of Jesus (Psalm 91:11; 121:3).
I worship You and give You all the glory, in Jesus’ name (Psalm 29:2).
Lord, hear my voice this morning in Jesus’ name (Psalm 55:17).
Let the purposes for which You gave me this day be established, in Jesus’ name (Jeremiah 29:11).
I command the gates of this day to open up and hear me now, in the name of Jesus (Psalm 24:7, 9).
Some trust in chariots and some trust in horses, but I remember that Father God, You are my God, You are my Source, You are my strength and I thank You, in the name of Jesus (Psalm 20:7).
Early, Lord, will I seek You, oh my God, in the name of Jesus (Psalm 63:1).
Father, let me found of You as I seek You early, in the name of Jesus (Jeremiah 29:14).
Father God, I commit all my ways into Your hands today, and I lean not on my own understanding (Proverbs 3: 5, 6).
Father God, I ask for wisdom for today and understanding in all I do in the name of Jesus (James 1:5).
Father, keep a watch over my mouth, today in the name of Jesus (Psalm 141:3).


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