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Envy Among And Between Women, What’s Your Opinion Ladies?

In today’s post I’m going to be discussing a very serious subject with you – Envy Among And Between Women. Couldn’t find a better topic that will complement our colour combo!


envy ˈɛnvi/
a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.
desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable thing belonging to (someone else).

Like jealousy, envy is a major source of EVIL and ugliness in this world. It’s a female vibe that can stir up fear, frustration, insecurity, bitterness and a hatred for those of whom we’re envious of! Female envy is a truly NEGATIVE characteristic. From the beginning in Bible, envy (along with jealousy) caused most of the hatreds, malice, vengeance and murders among families and tribes.

But enough of this! We all know what envy is! We’ve all seen it in other women and maybe in ourselves too and thought- What an ugly and anti-seductive trait it was to possess!

I think that every woman at some time during her life has experienced envy and jealousy towards another woman – or towards herself – and in different ways. The sad fact is that women are prone to be envious and compete with each other! And we girls should know more than anybody else what female envy and jealousy is – WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF IT EVERYDAY!  I’ve even read someone’s hypothesis that women, by and large, hate themselves, and each other! But I will beg to differ- I believe that this trait is found in some women and not all women.

So, what is Female Envy?

Female envy (whether it be in a work environment, from an office co-worker, or during a social gathering), you would be able to feel it! The air in that space or environment would be FULL of the choking atmosphere of envy! Heaven forbid if a woman’s perceived or expected rival should walk in secure, confident, smart, savvy or look better than her! She’s almost sure to be ENVIOUS and this, is a miserable feeling!

No woman likes to own up to being envious of another woman either – having that fear that makes her so uneasy when she thinks of another woman robbing her of the esteem, or affections of those she cares about or loves. Many women will also DENY it if they’re accused of being envious of anything! So it really must be something that we should feel ashamed of. Perhaps too, we really should be asking ourselves the question, ‘How do I avoid/stop being envious of other women?’

Now, divas! Let’s start talking!

Envy among and between women should never be confused with jealousy (although they’re both closely allied). Envy is DISAPPOINTMENT at another’s good, while jealousy towards other woman/women is FEAR for one’s own good.

Why Women Envy Each Other?

Ask yourself, what do you think the REAL reason is that women often dislike other women? The answer is ENVY! Women have a tendency to be insecure, spiteful and resentful towards each other. Female envy essentially WANTS something that another woman has – something that she lacks in herself. It stems from a disappointment over another woman’s good, her success and abilities – as it’s perceived to be lessening one’s own good, success or abilities.

Now, “how can we avoid and stop being envious of other women?

I don’t think that any woman, if she’d be true to herself, would say that she can’t remember not ever being envious. Yet we need to learn how to control that feeling and possibly eradicate that emotion altogether. Moreover, from what I’ve personally seen, heard, read about and experienced, it seems that envy (and jealousy) among women is a disease that we all need to be inoculated against (as it comes out in so many different asinine and truly sickening ways)!

What Are The Causes Of Female Envy and Where Does It Come From?

The vice of female envy stems not only from a bitter root inside of us, but from a sense of POWERLESSNESS and a FALSE SENSE OF PRIDE. It’s the kind of powerlessness and pride that can’t bear to see a ‘rival”, or any sort of superiority in another woman. It also springs from COVETOUSNESS – which can’t stand seeing another woman more noticed, appreciated, successful or prosperous. While jealousy usually implies the element of DEFEAT in competition (and so a conception of equality between the jealous woman and another woman is lacking), envy is not between equals. Female envy usually rears its ugly head when the other woman in question is perceived to be ‘out of her league’.

What Type Of Woman Are Women Envious Of?

Women mostly get envious of other pretty, feminine, beautiful (good-looking and ‘womanly’ women are often seen as a threat to other women because their boyfriends and husbands notice them!), well-put-together and successful women. The list is endless!

Let’s hear your opinion girls! What’s your take and what would you suggest to be the way forward?

**This is a must read the article: ‘There are downsides to looking this pretty: Why women hate me for being beautiful by Samantha Brick.  It unleashed an ugly torrent of hate (and bitter envy) from women! Check it out!

  • funke


    Envy and covetousness usually are bed fellows. From my experience I can conclusively say they are ugly and evil. Even demonic . The Bible teaches us that godliness with contentment is great gain. An envious person has a deep seated inferiority complex or insecurity if unchecked the person becomes covetous which manifests as a competitive spirit. Always desiring what your fellow woman or friend has, and even going all out to outdo the person to prove a point that you are superior. It’s all about the mindset of proving superiority meanwhile you are actually feel inferior. And when this is not attainable it leads to hatred malice strife bitterness backbiting and even murder physically. I have been a victim of this ugliness I tried to be friends with her complimented her and even attempted to tone down my physical appearance but I found that it didn’t have anything to do with me at all because she didn’t stop hating but kept on competing. I just concluded she needed my prayers. It got so bad that she started spreadingwicked stories to pull me down which was capable of spoiling my reputation.

    March 12, 2015
  • TripleThreat


    This has got to be the most astute, logical thought out article I’ve ever encountered one this subject. I’ve even read covet to cover “in the company of women” & “womens inhumanity to women”.

    This article is brilliantlying written and concise. God bless this author & merci

    December 22, 2015

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