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#extramaritalaffair | Fighting Temptation!

All marriages go through some form of temptation. Some people pursue money, career, other friendships, or even church work to fill the void of marriages that just don’t fulfill their expectations or needs. And many are tempted to enter extramarital romances.

The question is: What do you do with the temptation?

Do you seek it? Some do. There are those who get tired of their marriage and go out looking for trouble. They may not even intend to “go all the way” with an illicit relationship, but they’re dancing on the edge of infidelity. They want the excitement, the rush, the assurance that they’re still attractive to the opposite sex. Obviously, these people are playing with fire.

Do you entertain temptation? You’re not intending to have an affair, but there’s this beautiful woman at the office, there’s this nice man at school, there’s this good friend at church who seems perfect for you. You find yourself comparing your spouse to that person, imagining yourself with that person, entertaining thoughts of an affair that you’re not really planning to have.

Meanwhile, the friendship grows more intimate. There was a spark there, and you have fanned it. You worry about where this is headed, but you console yourself with the myth: This must be right because there is passion here I’ve never felt in my marriage. This, too, is playing with fire.

Call it what it is, a good friendship that is taking a dangerous turn. Slam on the brakes before you crash.


Some temptations are deadly, help yourself before it’s too late!

credit: Marriage Missions

  • Christy Mkpouto


    The reason we stray is because something is missing. What is that thing that is missing? Any new thing comes with excitement. Excitement of a new dress, bag, new house, new job..etc… The excitement wanes with usage. So is a relationship, that initial excitement, spark begins to wane as you both “settle” into routine.Does it mean there is no more love? No? In its place is a deeper sense of commitment. You are now secure in the relationship and you might begin to take some things for granted.
    You become too familiar with your spouse that you let go of yourself physically. What happened to “dress to please” my hubby. We women tend to dress our best when we are going out to impress people who don’t care about us. If you are home before your hubby, you might want to dress as a girlfriend instead of a wife.
    What of the activities you used to share? Re-visit them and start doing those again.
    Don’t underestimate the power of little surprises here and there.
    Be more romantic if you want romance. Plan date nights. ALWAYS KISS EACH OTHER GOOD BYE. TELL THEM YOU WILL BE THINKING OF THEM.
    Appreciate them if they come home straight from work, not everyone does.
    It takes effort, but it’s worth it. Marriage is like a business, you must invest time and hard work to make it succeed.
    Forgiveness is one thing you will need to keep doing over and over again.
    Looking outside for a new excitement will only lead to heart ache not just for two of you, but your families. It’s just not worth it.

    August 18, 2015
  • Christy Mkpouto


    Sola Adio of Karis ministries Grays wrote on his fab page “In your marriage space, Delilah is the woman who silently and strategically presents herself as the woman your wife cannot be”

    August 18, 2015

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