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Glorious Declaration

This remaining months of the year are my months of fruitfulness. My heavens are open. The Lord has made room for me in the land and I will be fruitful.

I am divinely established in the land, I am a fruitful vine. I am planted by the rivers of water. This is my season of fruitfulness.

My fruit shall no longer be wasted. My fruit will manifest. I reject barrenness in every area of my life.

I command every chain of limitation to break in my life. My dry season is over. My wilderness is terminated. My wilderness shall become a fruitful land and my fruitful land a forest.

I see me becoming more fruitful; I see me moving forward. I see me gathering momentum and reaching for my dreams!

I see heaven opening over my destiny. I see every yoke of barrenness in any shape, form or fashion broken in my life.

I see me stepping into the greatness and glorious destiny that God promised me.

My ground is fruitful. The fruit of my body is fruitful. I am abiding in Christ and I will bring forth much fruit.

I am fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. I enter into my season of unstoppable harvest and fruitfulness in the name of Jesus.


I am flourishing and fruitful in every good work.  I was made and chosen for fruitfulness.  In this remaining months of the year, I will supernatural bear fruit even where it was naturally impossible.  I am like a fruit bearing tree, planted by the water side, whose leaves never wither and whose fruits never fail in all seasons. Hallelujah.


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