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Heal The Relationship In My Family Lord

powerfully influence my surroundings.

I am abundantly blessed in my finances.

I know who I am in God and live accordingly.

I am empowered to change the world.

I am confident and happy with who I am.

I expect to experience the supernatural.

I prosper in all my relationships.

I am in inner unity with the beliefs of Jesus.

God passionately loves me.

I release peace, joy, and love to others.

My spirit is always aware of the unseen realm.

I have legal access in heavenly places.

I celebrate my progress.

People are drawn to me.

God is my perfect Father.

I trust what my spirit sees and senses.

I am aware of my spiritual senses.

My thought life is deeply connected to who I am in God.

It is natural for me to believe like Jesus.

God’s goodness is my anchor in the storm.

My spirit has authority over my mind.

I carry the substance of favor.

I easily receive blessings.

I create strongholds of blessing in my family.

I am a powerful person in speech and action.

I create strongholds of blessing wherever I go.

I receive constant nourishment to my body, soul, and spirit.

I am tremendously powerful because of the influence of the Holy Spirit.

The light of God within me destroys the works of the enemy.

My spirit imparts wisdom and knowledge to others.

Failure does not prevent me from receiving God’s love.

I have been designed to flow in the supernatural.

I am worthy to see and experience the Kingdom of God.

I filter what I see, hear, and believe through the promises of God.

I glorify God in coming alive in what He created me to be.

God is faithful to heal the relationships in my family.

The talents God gave me bring energy and fulfillment to my life.

My thoughts, emotions, and words are in inner unity.

My unconscious beliefs are in unity with my speech.

My mind, will, and emotions are transformed by God’s word.

My thoughts and attitudes carry a force in the unseen realm that affects my everyday life.

I intentionally build healthy strongholds in my mind and emotions.

I replace negative thought patterns with hope and truth.

I joyfully anticipate what God can do today.



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