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I declare my actions are aligned…

I declare my actions are aligned with the Will of my Father bringing favour on all whom I touch today. My activities display the favor of God; my actions are aligned with Christ who is aligned with my Father who is full of faithfulness, mercy and compassion.

I choose to walk in mercy for mercy triumphs over judgment. I am called to have dominion over natural elements and generosity towards people. Today, I choose to excel in the grace of giving. I choose to see the best in those with whom I mix and mingle. I choose to speak the best about those with whom I have a relationship. I choose to release the best for those in authority over me both politically and spiritually. I choose actions that will bring favour to those who trespass against me. I choose activities that release the beautiful flow of God’s favor in the world through me.

I choose the favour of God today. I choose to receive God’s favour. I choose to flow with God’s favour. I choose to believe that God is a good God and that Our Heavenly Father has immeasurable favor stored up for the righteous. I tap into favor that lies dormant in my family line. I draw from heaven’s storehouse the favor that is laid up for previous generations of my family not yet withdrawn. I respond to the open door and the heartfelt invitation to “come up here.” By faith, I reach into the heavenlies catching God’s view of his extravagant love for the family of man. I draw on my eternal account believing that my God-given dreams have magnificent resources in heaven to bankroll manifestation in the earth. I declare as in heaven so on earth.

I choose to be a conduit of favour for future generations. I look hundreds of years into the future, should Jesus tarry, believing that favor will flow to and through my family so mankind is blessed in each generation. I believe my family line has favor with our Father. I believe my family line will bless and not curse. I believe my family line will be the head and not the tail. I believe God has a destiny for each member of my family to a thousand generations of those who love him.