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I declare the favor of God comes toward me today…

I declare the favor of God comes toward me today; it reframes my past; it refocuses my present; it releases my destiny; I declare Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, is perfect and unchangeable. He always has been; he always will be. He is my Savior. I declare Holy Spirit guides me into favorable pathways.
I declare the favor of God, the goodness and mercy twins, follows after me even through the valley of the shadow of death. I declare the favor of God is preservation to my right and on my left for the destroyer felling a thousand at my side and ten thousand at my right hand will not come near me. I declare the favor of God is below my feet as a sure, well-lit pathway of firm stepping-stones. I declare the favor of God is above my head as a cloud of protection by day and a glory flame of fire by night.
I declare the favor of God saturates me for Christ goes before me and after me; in me and on me; below me, above me and through me.
I declare my imagination is under the authority of the Word of God. My thoughts favor myself and others for Christ reigns in my thoughts. I take captive every imagination to the obedience of Christ. I recognize the power within me believing I can have whatsoever I can think on or ask for.
I choose to think on things that edify and encourage. I choose to think on things that are exceeding abundantly beyond my natural expectation or capability of achieving. If I can imagine it, God is way beyond it. I stretch my imagination to think big, bold thoughts that make me tremble before the extravagant heart of our Father. I stand transfixed between wonder and dread lest I minimize his magnificence.
I choose to believe in an exponentially magnanimous Father who loves me extravagantly, has every resource at his disposal for kingdom expansion through me, and whose generosity towards me knows no limitation. The Word of God renews my mind for I have the mind of Christ.
I declare my emotions bring favor to myself and others for I yield my emotions to Christ. I flow with emotions that favor righteousness, joy and peace in Holy Spirit. I take authority over my emotions bringing them into submission today.


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