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I will continually magnify the Lord…

I will continually magnify the Lord because He has pleasure in my success.
I seek the Lord with all of my heart and He makes me prosper.
God delights to make me a profitable servant.
God’s workings in my life are excellent and superior.
I expect God’s EXCELLENCE and OVERFLOW to manifest in my character, in my gifts and power of the Holy Spirit, and I expect His EXCELLENCE and OVERFLOW to manifest in my health, my finances, my life, my family, my church, my home, and my workplace.
The blessings of the Lord make me rich and He adds no sorrow to it.
God, I make a decision to be someone You can trust with money.
People are looking to bless me and give in to my life today.
I’m loaded financially.
I have knowledge of witty inventions.
I am crowned with wealth and attraction of God’s favor and peace.
Nothing is impossible for me or for me.
I am growing in God’s divine favor and I expect it all the time.
I am satisfied and full of the blessings of the Lord and I possess the land.
The favor of God goes before me into this day, week, month and year, creating divine appointments, connections, and relationships for me.
The favor of God changes government regulations, if need be, for me.
The divine favor of God gives me superior treatment wherever I go and whatever I do.
I have faith that I will experience so much of God’s blessings this year that I won’t be able to contain them.
I am blessed – blessed in the city, in the field, going in and going out.
My finances are increasing 100-fold!
I am establishing God’s covenant by supporting world evangelism!
I have wealth, power and I rejoice in my labor, this is the gift of God to me.
I believe I receive OVERFLOW – I’m decreeing and demanding it because I am destined for it!
My OVERFLOW will be SO BIG; it will cancel out all the losses of the past!
I believe that as I give, God is going wild with His “good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over” blessings – that’s OVERFLOW!
I believe I receive all of God’s promises.
I am strong in my spirit; I am redeemed and set free.
I am strong in my body; I am walking in divine health.
I am strong in my finances; OVERFLOW is coming to me!



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