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Laughter! therapy for a Happy Marriage

“Laughter is a good medicine.” And that’s especially true for marriages. You can sometimes get overly serious in life and forget to look for humor in some situations.

I realize that some of you are living in situations that make it all the more difficult to think of laughing. But I’ve found that, those are the times when you need to look harder for things to laugh about, together. There’s something about laughing together that brings a new perspective into things.

“Laughter bonds people. Any good friend will tell you that laughter is the shortest distance between two people — especially in marriage.”

There have been all kinds of studies that have shown the mental, physical and emotional health benefits to laughing together. It’s been said that laughter is like “inner jogging” because “every system in our body gets a workout when we have a hearty laugh.”

“Wise experts agree that the best way for anyone to cope is with a good laugh. ‘Humor makes all things tolerable”.

  • ‘Laugh out loud,’ ‘It helps flush out the nervous system.’
  • ‘Laughter is the most beautiful and beneficial therapy God ever granted humanity.’
  • ‘Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.’

The point is, that even when you’ve had a tough day, or should we say ESPECIALLY when you’ve had a really tough day, you need to laugh. It will help wash away the stress and keep the two of you together. So help each other to find something funny even when it’s not easy.”

In the book I am recently reading, The Love List, Les and Leslie recommend eight things you can do to help your marriage become the best it can be. They listed two things you can do once a day, which is:

Take time to touch (if only for a minute) and “Find something that makes you both laugh.” (They further explain in the book the importance of both of these actions).

Once a week they also recommend you:

“Do something active that lifts your spirits” and “boost your partner’s self-esteem.”

That doesn’t mean that you can’t do it more often. As a matter of fact, that would be a great idea. But at least aim for it to be something you do weekly.

Let me know how laughter has helped you in any other way- drop a comment!


The Love ListSuggested reading: The Love List by Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott.


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