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Why Women Leave Men

Women tend to be more concerned about their marriages than men. They buy most of the books on marriage to try to improve them and initiate most marriage counseling. They often complain about their marriages to their closest friends and sometimes to anyone who will listen. And they also file for divorce twice as often as men.

Why do women seem so dissatisfied with marriage? What do they want from their husbands? What bothers them so much about marriage that most are willing to risk their families’ future to escape it? Why do women leave men?

This days I receive calls or mails from women who are extremely frustrated with their marriages. They usually express no hope that their husbands will ever understand what it is that frustrates them, let alone change enough to solve the problem. From their perspective, marital problems are created by their husbands who do little or nothing to solve them. Wives tend to see themselves as the major force for resolving conflicts, and when they give up their effort, the marriage is usually over.

When I spoke to few husbands, they usually have a very different explanation as to why their wives feel the way they do. They often feel that the expectations of women in general and their wives in particular, have grown completely out of reach. These men, who feel that they’ve made a gigantic effort to be caring and sensitive to their wives, get no credit whatsoever for their sizable contribution to the family. They feel under enormous pressure to improve their financial support, improve the way they raise their children, and improve the way they treat their wives. Many men I see are emotionally exhausted and feel that for all their effort, they get nothing but criticism.

The simpler role of husbands in decades past has now been replaced by a much more complex and confusing role, especially in their relationship with their wives. Some conclude that women are born to complain and men must ignore it to survive. Others feel that women have come to expect so much of men that they’re impossible to please, so there’s no point in even trying. Very few men, these days, feel that they’ve learned to become the husbands that their wives have wanted, and the job seems to be getting more and more difficult.


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  • Adebisi Adesola


    Hmmm, I feel u have answered d question here as well. We expect too much from our husband. And once they are not able to meet up, we tag the marriage as ‘not working’. Especially this days that people put up their hubby on social media and claim they do things that most men won’t do naturally. So we expect that if someone ‘s husband can do this, then ours should as well. One thing I notice though, is that our husbands in this generation have improved compared to before. #myopinion

    April 8, 2015
  • Stella


    Interesting topic, most women are not ready to submit to their husbands 100 percent. These days women believes that they have equal rights like their husbands (asin 50-50) which is not suppose to be. Women of nowadays are too demanding, comparing their husbands with the man next door. Most women want to “belong” even if the husband is not buoyant.
    When you ask them they tell that this is “21st century” so if their husbands can’t meet up with their needs hell will let loose.
    This is my opinion though, thanks.

    April 8, 2015
  • Ngozi


    Most women enter marriage not prepared for marriage. They just want that MRS and are not ready to submit or be committed to the relationship. Some enter thinking they can change the man hence the disappointment.
    Some men are not also ready to drop boyhood. They are not mentally matured for a serious relationship.
    Also when people enter with false identity it also leads to divorce.
    Misplaced priority also causes dis- satisfaction. When people give human the attention meant for God they get disappointed when human do human things.

    April 8, 2015
  • Ada


    U all have spoken well,but remember that there are some men that nags,always complaining,never appreciate their wives,after a woman does all the house chores,take good care of the kids,only for him to come back and met some part of the house unkempt by the kids he starts nagging,so what do you expect from the poor wife?,some under rates their wives,never needs their opinions in some family issues,some can’t talk politely,is good for a man to correct his wife but not in an abusive manner,hurting her with bad words,so for men who knows it very well,that their wives are always submissive should stop shouting at their wives, is not that the wives doesn’t know how to react but is for that peace to reign,and the husbands knows it very well,so they are the one that forces their wives to change in order for them to survive in the union and for the the union to survive too.
    Then for ladies who thinks that if they have not added “mrs” to their name they don’t belong,they are making a very biggest misgive because they gave it to the wrong person,marry your best friend and you will be happy,don’t judge men with wealth,Social media some times make some wives go crazy,sometimes makes them to be cool headed,some will see their friends wearing gold,nice shoes,dresses they will like to have that too,not minding how the money comes in,the nature of the hubb’s job and her friends own,their income,salary,family background,etc,some will see how neat her friends kids are and she will also like to do the same to her kids(BRAVO).
    Marriages have it’s ups and down,never you allow misunderstanding between you and hubby to pass a night try and sought it out,don’t wait too long for him to apologize if he did not,tell him,at the same time teach him that he suppose to apologize,end it there,even if he is trying to play smart ignore it,you are the winner.always appreciate him,his jokes,gifts and friends even when you don’t really like them,one day he will know why you are doing that,at least 2,3 or more than a hug to your husband a day cements your love and marriage,start your good morning with a hug and you will see the different,hug him when you pass beside him may be in the staircase,always tell him the truth,when you tell lies give him the good reasons maybe you don’t want him to be angry that’s why you lied***wink.I call that “white lie”not when you follow men you lie,NO,I mean when you forget to finish up your task like am browsing now if am asked why didn’t I arrange his room “oh am sorry is trueoo I would have done it before arranging the sitting room but the kids might woke up and enter the sitting room and I dont want them to fall while am moping it,with out him knowing that I was awake since 5am doing my house now he went to buy the diesel let me conclude this interesting topic and go back to my work.women are trying,I respect some women who works and takes care of their women are also trying,men should bear with them for the sake of the kids,women always respect ur husbands even when the money is not there,always prayer for our husbands protection and progress because is very frustrating when the money to take care of the kids is not there.God never abandons any woman that puts her trust in him.women let us be content with what we have,protect our husband’s and kids,always love his people,don’t stop him from helping his families,don’t talk back at him all the time when you have issues,always bear with one another never you listen to side talk.there are more to write but let me stop it here .

    April 9, 2015

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