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Morning Declarations – Part IV

1: My father, I need a change by fire in Jesus name.

2:Powers to change my family history come upon me now in Jesus name.

3:Powers to change my world come upon me now in Jesus name.

4:Any powers assign to make me fail, die in Jesus name.

5: Powers Of failure! I bind you and cast you out in Jesus name.

6:Powers of Failure from foundation die in Jesus name.

7:Every power of success miscarriage dies in Jesus name.

8: Every witchcraft embargo assign against my destiny scattered in Jesus name.

9:Every powers battling my parent,you can not battle my life in Jesus name.

10: Inherited failure, I am not your candidate die by fire in Jesus name.

11:Mighty father, give me blessings that will make my age to be relevant in Jesus name.

12:Holyspirit, block all the leakages in my finances in Jesus name.

13:O lord, destroy with fire the power that makes me see goods but never secure them in Jesus name.

14: The riches that will command respect into my life , Holy spirit pour on me in Jesus name.

15: What have been giving me joy will not turn to a river of sorrow for me in Jesus name.

16:The problem that will befall me , that my spouse and children to beg God to take me home quickly. I reject it in Jesus name.

17:Any conference , where my death is being planned, Holy Ghost bomb, go and blast them in Jesus name.

18:God of signs and wonders give me testimonies that swallow other testimonies in Jesus name.

19:Holyspirit !put the mark of favour on me in Jesus name.

20:Holy Ghost fire!enter my life and free me from the power of hardship in Jesus name.

21:All the works of herbalist and ritualist that are troubling my life, holy spirit neutralize them with the blood of Jesus Christ.

22:God of promise and fulfilment, let the fulfilment of your promise for my life start today in Jesus name.

23:Hear the voice of the lord, you gates that lead to riches honour and peace, be widely opened to me in Jesus name.

24:I receive grace and strength to excel in Jesus name.

25:I refused to fall from grace to grass in Jesus name.

26:All you battles I inherited because I married my spouse , perish in Jesus name.



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