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MOTHERHOOD IS PRICELESS | Mother’s Giveaway at NHN Couture

It’s our season of giving back, and we are excited to give as much as we can to our FANS AND CLIENTS! We bless God for the success of our BRIDE GIVE AWAY ( Story coming soon) which was a success and we also have more giveaways! Our next giveaway was the MOTHER’S GIVE AWAY! A hardworking woman who needs a day off to the SPA to relax.


  • She can be anybody but most importantly a woman after God’s heart.
  • An encourager, mentor, a builder, someone who inspires you.
  • She could be old, young, married, single parent, a teacher, a nurse, a widow.
  • The winner wins one exclusive fabric 5 yrds from NHN Couture.
  • A cheque
  • A treat at a luxurious SPA
  • A photoshoot for a free portrait and many goodies!

Now what it will take to qualify! She must live in Lagos. She could be that woman along the street to your office or that hair dresser or that tailor or a teacher or a nurse but a hard-working diligent woman! She could be your mum, your sister, your cousin, your neighbour, etc She must be willing to share her picture with us here and her story. She must be God-fearing! Interested candidates were asked to send an email to us with her picture, her story and her contact!

Thanks to all those that sent in a mother’s name, pictures and story for our MOTHER’S GIVE AWAY. I am glad to announce again we have two winners!

It’s a true saying that:

“you wouldn’t value what you have until you lose it”.

I lost my mum way back at age 4 and never enjoyed a motherly love! But God blessed me with so many wonderful women as I grew, few have slept also but quite a number are still alive waiting to see their great grant children from me. I am proud to call them my mum and would want to honour and celebrate them all tomorrow! Would love to show them the kind of love I would have honoured my blood mum with! These women have touched my life in so many ways and I am humbled to be showered with so much love from them!
MOTHERHOOD IS PRICELESS! The story of the two winners coming up now!

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