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It’s also with great excitement we announce our 2nd winner for “THE MOTHER’S GIVE AWAY!” Mrs Adeyemi aka Jesus Wife.

Her story, as written by Biobele Spencer- Tekenah who nominated her:

To Glory be the Glory. My heart edicts a good matter as I write. I am convinced that her time has come. As I drove home from church after picking my mother from Lekki, I told her that I wished to take her to the spa. A long deserved treatment for a woman who continues to work tirelessly for others, keeping her desires on the back burner. My story of her is like a candle lit within the stars. It will not begin to describe this woman I call Mummy.

She is popularly known as Jesus wife. As she vowed after our dad was violently shot by armed robbers in 1996, that she would never remarry, so that God can take full responsibility for our lives as children. Her popular scripture is Jeremiah 49: 11.  At 41 she became a widow and saddled with 6 children and many relatives to care for.

Being the 1st of 28 children, we as children did not grow up alone, as we always had family members raised along side with us. Once I witnessed my mum in 1997, silently gave an orphanage N25,000 she had saved to pay my brother’s school fee. She begged me not to tell anyone as she was convinced that the children were more in dire need. As a teenager, my mom sold her expensive jewelry in order for me to attend a camp meeting. Just last week, she just gathered some funds to pay for school fees for 30 children as Saint Mary Primary School Iseyin, Oyo. The list goes on and on.

This woman works tirelessly in her service for God. In 1999, she had to run to the UK for seek asylum due to family pressure from my father’s people. After many years to hark work and labour, God granted her a miracle. She was able to return home after 12 years to Nigeria to see us. Our last-born was 5 when she left, but was going to 18 when she came back. Through her struggles, she assisted and continues to assist other widows through their life challenges. She founded a charity called the Apples of All Nations, for fatherless and widows. She currently has over 100 registered children, and widows in Nigeria, and over 200 children in Uganda benefitting from this charity. She is also an amazing cook. She uses this gift to feed the homeless and the needy. Once, my mum picked a young man left to die on the streets of Ojodu and brought him home. It stigmatized her but she didn’t stop. She made sure Ben was strong and healthy until he became a worker in RCCG. My story is nothing compared to her heart. She never holds anything back. To her, there is no love until everyone around her is comfortable. If my mum cooks for 1, she cooks for all as even the security men that the estate gate can testify.

She is a mother of all. She stands for the rights of all. When you meet her, you will have no doubt that this woman is a light to our world. Next year, she will be 60 years old. I know that winning this amazing giveaway will start a celebration of life. She said that her dream birthday gift is a trip to Jerusalem. God help us in Jesus name. Her life continues to inspire me as her daughter. On Saturday, she sneakily gave me N3,000 for a teenager (Precious) suffering in Imo State to come live in our family house, so that he can have an opportunity to receive a great education. Over the years, over 60 people have lived in our family house since the demise of our dad. Winning this giveaway, will reassure her, like God’s word, that working for God and giving her resources is a seed for the future.

Yours truly,

Biobele Spencer- Tekenah

For Jesus Wife

  • yinka


    God bless you ma

    November 26, 2014
  • yinka


    From my family…we want to thank you for making our mum feel so special. Its a new dawn in her life. Indeed God pays openly for great deeds done in the dark. Aunty ese gan. May your light be shone through out the earth from nation to nation in Jesus name

    November 26, 2014
  • pastor Julie Oyebobola


    I want to thank your organisation for being a blessing to Mrs Adebola Adeyemi aka Jesus wife. She is one of the ministers in Iccc in London UK where I pastor along side with my husband.
    This woman is a great treasure to the whole world, she is selfless and a great giver.
    I believe this will be an encouragement to her.

    December 1, 2014

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