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Mother’s Giveaway at NHN Couture | Sister Triple Joy

It’s with great excitement we announce one of our winners for “THE MOTHER’S GIVE AWAY!”

Her story, as written by Ogeiwems who nominated her:

It’s with great honor and privilege that I write about this woman I have known for over 20 years.

She is fondly called Sister Triple Joy.

Mummy has always been one who brought joy, tears and prayers to the lips of Christians and non-Christians with her selfless service. She worked in the bank when she was younger but for every spare time we had, she created time to evangelize in our neighborhood (Ogba, Lagos). At Christmas, she would take provisions and food items to the pastors and leaders of our church who didn’t have anything prepared for them. Such smiles those families had as they uttered words of thanks to God.

Mummy continued for many years. She would bring girls from the village to Lagos, put them in good schools. Though she didn’t earn much, every naira had value in her hands.

When mummy got laid off her job, it saddened her but she was on the spur. She joined a fellowship and started ministration in small villages around Ogun state. Sometimes she would be gone for 2 – 4 weeks with some members and they would minister the gospel to these villagers in Yoruba language, get them born again and establish a fellowship for them. They slept on mats, in open air prone to animal attack but she never cared. On such occasion, one of them was bit by a snake, she drove that night into town looking for anti-venom, as only her had a car.

She assists in a rehab for ladies gone into prostitution. They got a house to accommodate them as many of them had nowhere to go after they embraced Jesus and quit prostitution. She spends her time with these young girls everyday sharing God’s love and kindness, while helping them get back into a normal life in society. Her nights are spent in prayer and the next morning, she is up early, setting out on her next mission.

In all these things, she still creates time for her husband and children, but their greatest concern is that mummy doesn’t slow down, despite aging; she keeps up with these jobs in her heart.

She picks up strangers in her car and ministers the gospel to them. On one occasion, while sharing the gospel to a lady, she helped her settle marriage crises as the lady was on her way to move her things out of her house.

As a deaconess in church, mum has helped many young girls in her Sunday school class find the will to live life again.

All she cares about and what thrills her soul, is Jesus and the little bit she can do for the Gospel’s sake. December 1st is her 57th birthday and I can’t think of any better way to celebrate her than her winning the giveaway. It would be lovely to see mum relax even for a day

Thank you for the opportunity.

Sister Triple Joy is our first winner!

See the criteria used to pick winners and competition guidelines: MOTHERHOOD IS PRICELESS | MOTHER’S GIVEAWAY AT NHN COUTURE

  • Nonso Iwegbulem


    Thanks for doing this to my sweet mum

    November 20, 2014
  • Mimi



    November 21, 2014
  • Okwuchi


    My mummy. As younger kids we didn’t get you.But now we do. God bless you a zillion times over.

    @NHN, I thank you for this opportunity. God shall increase you on every side.

    November 22, 2014
  • Dabby


    Aunty is the best, very selfless in her dealings with others. I won’t forget the nights she calls me on Skype or phone to simply pray for me. It melts my heart as I keep wondering what my aunty is thinking about me at odd hours of the day that made her call to pray for me. God hears her.

    NHN, thank you for this chance to lift my aunty. God bless you real good.

    November 24, 2014
  • yinka


    Congrats mama….Indeed He does not forget our labor of love. GOD Bless you dearly ma

    November 26, 2014

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