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Don’t wait to have it all together | It’s time to move the gear of your vision from PARK to ACCELERATE | by Tobi Alabi

Green-and-SIlver-Asoebi-Style-Inspiration_NHN Hey Ladies, enjoy our guest post today by Tobi Alabi.

As comfortable as that web of perfection may be, you don’t want to be stuck sitting pretty. If you’re a perfectionist like me, I’m sure you’ve had many business meetings with procrastination and even signed several contracts with him. You found out long before now that he’s a terrible business partner that ends up duping you every time you engage with him, yet you can’t seem to break that relationship. I know, I’ve been there severally and what I’ve realized is that the perfectionist has the “start when it’s all right” syndrome. You want everything to be right before you make that move because of course you can’t stand mediocrity and want everything you do to be top-notch.

Certainly nothing wrong with that, but the problem is when you decide to stay stuck. When you’re stuck in that web of “everything has to be perfect first”, you refuse to move and when you refuse to move you end up doing nothing and becoming nothing. I have learnt that before you start, you’ll never have all the money you need, all the resources, all the right people. But they will be made available once you move that gear from park to accelerate.

Life is a 24/7 hour school with no break periods. You’ll always learn something new, get a new idea, a new strategy to tackle things. So don’t wait till you have it all together, you never will. There will never be a time you know it all or a time you exceed your learning capacity, until of course you shut your eyes to final rest. I have also learnt that successful people are not necessarily the ones with all the knowledge in the world, but they are the ones who put what they learn to practical use. Ever heard the saying, “little by little a little becomes a lot”?. Well it only becomes a lot when you decide to start putting in the little. A cup put under a tap will eventually get full with time even though the water comes out in drops. “Good” becomes “better” before it becomes “best”. The time is now, START and be willing to grow through it.

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  • denie


    Well written Tope. You couldn’t have said it any better. If we don’t move a times, God doesn’t. This is very inspiring!

    May 22, 2015
    • Tobi Alabi


      Thanks Denie. You’re right. If we ask God to order our steps, we have to be willing to move our feet. I’m glad it inspired you.

      May 22, 2015
  • Ellen


    I admire you my dear! I am a tanzania lady and I having same business but I solute you,

    June 16, 2015

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