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My Husband Spends Time With Other Women. Should I Be Concerned ?


NHN, my husband works with several women, and occasionally they will have lunch meetings (usually as a group). I was okay with this until a friend told me recently that she saw my husband and one of his co-workers at lunch (in a very trendy lunch spot) and that they looked “too comfortable” for her liking. She said they laughed, looked at iPhone photos, and seemed to be socializing more than working. Should I be concerned my husband spends time with other women?

ANSWER: There are a couple of issues in your question that I would like to address.

First, be careful that you do not let your friend’s view of your husband being “too comfortable” with another person weigh too heavily on you. Everyone has her own ideas about how people should behave. Maybe her judgment is valid. Maybe not. Therefore, if you rely on her opinion about your husband’s actions, you may wind up in conflict with your husband over nothing. Many times I have witnessed marriage trouble because friends of either spouse cause suspicion by their opinions, innuendos, and, occasionally, malicious gossip.

Secondly, I personally think that in most situations it is a bad idea for any married person to have lunch with a person of the opposite gender. Groups are one thing; lunch with just one other is another. Every now and then, I have been privileged to have some friends and clients talk to me about their troubled marriages. While difficulties range from controlling behavior to in-law problems to fighting over money and more, by far the most common marriage problems discussed is infidelity. Typically, unfaithfulness does not occur because someone looks for a sexual partner, but stems from two good people crossing boundaries. They become friends. Then the friendship deepens as they begin to share their thoughts, histories, frustrations, dreams, and feelings. They erect no barriers because they do not intend to do anything wrong. As I said, these are good people living good lives. However, somewhere along the line, their openness and transparency with each other develops emotions much stronger than friendship. By the time they realize that they are becoming too close, they do not stop because they find fulfilment in the relationship they are developing.

Sometimes it goes no further than the emotional connection, but even then, it crosses boundaries and violates their relationships with their spouses. Much too often, the emotional connection gradually leads to physical attachment, not because either parties wishes to commit adultery but because they develop a connection so deep that pulls them together in spite of their values.

Many reach the point where they leave their spouses to be with the paramour. And it all starts with a simple friendship. I am not so draconian that I believe no man or woman can have a friend of the opposite gender. However, I believe strongly that no person should allow him/herself to cultivate that friendship in an environment that allows two people to become deeply emotionally connected. That means no one-on-one conversations – not in person, not by phone, not by text, not by Facebook, not by Instagram ….well, you get the idea.

Therefore, I suggest that rather than worrying about your husband having lunch with a woman, you make an agreement with him that for your peace of mind, he will not meet with any woman for lunch or otherwise. If he replies that he feels you do not trust him, assure him this has nothing to do with trust and everything to do with putting your marriage first over all other relationships. Tell him that you are not making a demand; you are asking for his loving and understanding agreement.

God bless you!

Nkechi Harry Ngonadi

  • juliet


    This is just the best advice ever…God bless you maam

    January 20, 2015
  • name


    Thanks for your answer. How do you deal with your pastor husband whom female members naturally want to open to?

    March 21, 2015

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