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Out with the old struggles

PROPHETIC WORD FOR THIS HOUR: God keeps showing me the words- OUT WITH THE OLD- IN WITH THE NEW! OUT with the old way of doing things. Out with the old doors. Out with the old confusing paths. Out with the old struggles. Out with the old ways of building things. Out with the old ways of running your business and ministry. Out with the old ways of rescuing yourself in trouble. Out with the old financial struggles by constantly trying to resuscitate things that no longer work!

In through the new doors that he is opening! In through the new paths that he has revealed to you! In with the new people who need to be by your side! In with the ways of forgiveness and restoration! In with the new ways of running things! In with the new out with the old! 
Those who have an ear will hear…. those who have an ear have already heard this and this is just confirmation! Out with the old in with the new! It is in this season that we must act.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for this week! I bless you for a week of the fulfilment of my expectations and the release of my heart’s desire, in the mighty name of Jesus! 
Oh Lord, I now decree that any blessings that I need to manifest your goodness and glory to the world, in order to draw them to you, is hereby released without limitation! 
I demand that any protection that is due me as a child of God to enable me to fulfil your purposes, plans and vision this week is hereby activated, in the name of Jesus! 


I send forth prayer against any man, woman, beast, or spirit whose assignment is to interfere with my blessing, anointing, favour, open doors and glory this week, in the name of Jesus! 
I declare that my today will not be a ‘mourn-day’ but a ‘mount-day’ where I will be lifted spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, maritally in the name of Jesus! 
I declare that my Today will not be a ‘tears-day’ but a ‘thanks-day’, praising God for His favour and blessings! 
I further decree that nothing will hijack my Wednesday and make it a ‘Worries-day’ but it will be a ‘Winner’s-day’, in the mighty name of Jesus! 

I also speak over my Thursday that it will not be a ‘torment-day’ but a ‘testimony-day’ in which I will experience all round and uncommon miracles and good news, in Jesus name! 
I declare my Friday will not be ‘friction-day’ in my family, business or finance but a ‘flowing-day’ in which there will be an overflow of power, grace, glory, honour, riches and strength, in the name of Jesus! 
Let oh God my Saturday not be a ‘Struggles-day’ but ‘satisfying-day’ where I will be satisfied with every good and perfect gift from above, in the name of Jesus!


On Sunday I decree I will neither walk in sorrows nor have a ‘suffering-day’ but it will be a ‘sufficiency-day’ in the name of Jesus! 
Thank you for answered prayer and for making a mark on each day of my life in Jesus name! Amen!


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