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Soul Ties by Robert Wambugu

In addition from the first post -The Power of Sex – Spiritual  & Physical written by Adarraaa, I searched for any other article written on this issue and stumbled on Let’s Talk about Sex – Soul Ties by Robert... how a little bit of sin we allow into our life can quickly spread and bring corruption to every part of our life… read on.

Lets talk about sex…Through illicit sexual escapades, Some of us have glued ourselves to all kinds of people through fornication and adultery and that is why our lives are so messed up. We have lost focus, we cannot settle in relationships, we cannot enjoy life in general. We may find we harbor bitterness and revenge after we gave our selves to others and didn’t receive the same affection.
How is that?
I present you with the story of one of my close friends whom when writing this allowed me to use his story. For the purpose of this article I will call him Doe. Doe was married to a beautiful woman and together had 3 daughters. He was in a senior position at a finance company in Nairobi and everything was well. It was the life he had dreamed of. Having a good job, a house and a sleek car was his dream. He managed to get all these. By 30 years he was flying high, a man who was admirable.
At work, he had attracted some unexpected people due to his success. One of these was a female workmate who was also married. They severally met for drinks and within no time, they were having an intense secret sexual relationship. During this period, Doe found his wife unattractive and would always have thoughts of his new found secret partner lingering his mind. The relationship didn’t last for long as this lady was transferred, but the ties and desires were strong and needed quenching. His thirst for an encounter outside his marital bed led him direct to his house help (maid) at home. He ultimately engineered a cunning plan and would come home for a feast.
He managed to keep this a secret, as it became the initiation for any new house girl that came to his household. Later on his wife came to learn of this and eventually separated.

Regarding Doe’s scenario, the first form of ungodly soul ties entangled him when he cheated with his workmate. Though we come to learn that their relationship was short lived, the snare that caught him first, haunted him even after the brief encounter. This clearly illustrates that a little bit of sin that we allow into our life will quickly spread and bring corruption to every part of our life.

Credit:  Read full article⇒ Let’s Talk about Sex – Soul Ties by Robert.  

  • veramak6


    This happens way too much these days. It is sad that Christians are the ones falling prey the most. Temptation is everywhere. One just has to be extremely careful. Guess like the author said, we always think we can’t fall but even the bible says let h that stand take heed lest he fall.

    August 6, 2015

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