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#spottedinNHNCouture | Chigozie “Gozie” Udemezue | The Widow who cares for other Widows

When a client sends me pictures! Oh what Joy! Someday soon, I will do a write up on you some day! You inspire me Sis. Strong Women Rock! Chigozie “Gozie” Udemezue is filled with God, joy and peace but yet widowed! You are one in a million. Your love and care for other widows is amazing! I just love you my Barrister and professional cook of Nwachinemelu Igbotic Soup!




Before I do my writeup, someone else has told the amazing story about this strong woman- Chigozie “Gozie” Udemezue- written by Modupe Ehirim

Gozie is the founder of the Healing Hearts Widows Support Foundation (HHWSF). In 2001 after she was called to the bar, under the NYSC scheme, she served in an NGO – Women’s Aid Collective (WACOL) where she worked with other lawyers to provide free legal aid and other services to widows. She encountered widows facing maltreatment from the community in general and hostile in-laws, in particular. After the NYSC service year, she continued to work with WACOL, often providing support to widows from her personal resources, until 2008 when she founded HHWSF.


In 2013, Gozie became a widow herself. For a lesser woman, this would have brought her work with the widows to a standstill. This was not the case with this amazing Nigerian woman. Her personal experience of what she had previously heard from other women has only inspired her to do more. In addition to carrying on the regular activities of HHWSF, she has in 2014, using her personal Facebook presence, sought and obtained sponsorship for thirteen widows under the Adopt-a-Widow Scheme. These sponsorships allow regular funds for the widows to enable them pay school fees for their children and meet some basic needs. Such is her passion and commitment, such is the integrity that she has demonstrated in applying the funds she received, that once she announces a need for one of “her widows” as she calls them, her partners and friends respond to her call.

Read the full article about this amazing woman⇒ HERE. Follow ‘Healing Hearts Widows Support Foundation’ on Facebook and check out ⇒ Nwachinemelu Local Whole Foods ” Igbotic Foods, Igbotically Prepared” to view her mouth-watering dishes- they deliver almost anywhere in the world! Take whatever is in your hands and run with it! Run with the vision and with God’s guidance you will be unstoppable. Gozie is a perfect example of that with Nwachinemelu Igbotic Soup. Stop sitting around waiting for a miracle to happen, get up and make it happen!

Credit: Article culled from 'Chigozie Christiana Udemezue is an Amazing Nigerian Woman' by Modupe Ehirim
  • N.c


    Nwachinemelu special!
    God’s got your back ma….

    June 26, 2015
  • cordelia emedo


    I belief you ,NHN, see has been an inspiration to me. thank so much for this write-up, may my God bless you too for your wonderful work as well.

    June 26, 2015
  • Uju O


    See My own sister! My 2 big sisters! My sisters Gozie and NK! Isnt God good? Won’t He do it??? God is MIGHTY!! I bless His name!!!

    June 27, 2015
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