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You can’t change your past but you can start today and rewrite your story

How you look at your past determine how you make your progression into the future.

My friends don’t bring your past as an excuse. Your past should not be your future. May be you been living so badly in the past and messed up here and there. You made some mistakes and blown some chances and the enemy have said to you that you are beyond repair. Because of that you may feel dirty, guilty and ashamed. Because you messed up so bad you are wondering how God can forgive some one like you. But I have a message for you the Lord your God says, “your sins and your iniquities will I remember no more.”—Heb. 8:12. When you’re saved, God has not only forgiven your sins and washed them in His own blood, but He has literally, in His mind, forgotten those sins. That should move us and stirs us up, my friends.

My friends, whatever happened in the past you can’t go back and undo everything, but you can change your future. You can do this by the power and spirit of God. When God gave you a brand new 24 hours he expects you to use it wisely. So, today is here and now, every minute, every breath is truly yours. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Be positive. Stay focused. Have purpose. God gave you this day so that you can be better tomorrow. Your current situation is your platform for your progression, for another option. Get rid of the old attitude, the old thinking pattern, and the life style that you hold onto. Usher in the new way.

Because God is about to reveal His glory to you in a new way, the question is, are you ready?

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