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Dont-be-anyones-second-choice2 Chioma met Femi on a Rig work project.  They worked for different companies, but were assigned to work closely together on a contract project for almost three months. Within the first few days Chioma knew there was chemistry between them. They didn’t talk about their personal lives, but it was pretty obvious what his status was.  Femi wore a wedding ring. As the days and weeks passed the chemistry became developed into full out flirting and Chioma found herself finding reasons to meet up with Femi for drinks after work.  In the beginning it was “to talk about the project,  however, it wasn’t long before they didn’t bother to make up excuses to see each other.   Chioma felt alright about it.  They weren’t “doing anything”.  Besides the project would be over soon and she wouldn’t see him after that. Except…

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