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Recently I have been receiving mails upon mails of DECEIT in relationships. Where the ladies never knew the guys were MARRIED MEN! And bad heart breaks are on the rise.... Very sad. One contemplated taking her life, another totally messed up, yet another was almost on her way to the altar next month. Really sad... My heart is broken because they are women and sisters like us all. Please don't judge them. I don't know what to say to them but I have given the best counsel that I can give which is total surrender to God, but I think I need to really put this out for a debate and they might just be blessed or relieved by one or two of your comments. I have taken permission to share their stories which I will do this week! Because of this I spent the night searching for answers and I saw this article. I just want you to read it before I share one of the ladies story and how these married men have perfected their act and you wouldn't in your life believe it's a real life story. Meanwhile this lady is one of my best client and you wouldn't believe the wife of this so-called man is also my client too all here in LAGOS ISLAND! And the wife is such a lovely lady. It's really sad! Since Sunday, we all have been tagging ourselves on post on the international women day, so now let's start practicing all we have been posting by being each other's keepers.

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