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We brought to you the here⇒ House of Maliq September “Big Fashion Issue ⇐ with Nollywood actresses, Faithia Williams Balogun and Monalisa Chinda on the cover, in costume and accessories from NHN Couture! Here are more pictures!⇓ [caption id="attachment_3270" align="alignnone" width="600"]1-HouseOfMaliq-Magazine-2015-Monalisa-Chinda-Faithia-williams-balogun-Cover-September-Edition-772 Monalisa in Fouad Sarkis fro NHN Couture[/caption] 2-HouseOfMaliq-Magazine-2015-Monalisa-Chinda-Faithia-williams-balogun-Cover-September-Edition-00061-copy1

A-Self-Aware-Woman-Blog Some women spend a lot of time and energy in the name of looking cute, NAKED and sexy- low-cut tops to show off their cleavage, short dresses and skirts to show off their legs- are quite common. And that is the problem, it is QUITE COMMON. It is seen so much, that one blends into another. There is always another sexy, cute girl around the corner. You see, sexy and cute appeals to the eye, it never gets past the eyes of most men. And the eyes have no memory because the eyes focus on what’s in front of them at the moment- out of sight is out of mind! That is the essence of cute and sexy. Sexy will always get attention, but it almost never holds interest. And you don’t hear grown men referring to a woman that he is interested in as being “cute.” Cute is for boys, not men. Men use words like attractive, beautiful, sensual and many other ways to describe a woman of interest. But, not cute. Cute is reserved for boys and girls.

NHN Couture will be at the Lagos Fashion Workshop with amazing ready-to-wear collections from Fouad Sarkis Couture! ⇒ Date: February 10- 12, 2015 ⇒ Venue: Eko Hotel New Expo Center Victoria Island, Lagos ⇒ Time: 10 am- 6 pm For that bride that needs a second outfit or you are looking for that perfect dress for your 30th, 40th or 50th BIRTHDAY, we've got you covered!

Prices from N30,000 to N75,000 in size 8,10,12,14,16 only.

Wholesale and retail buyers all welcome! NHNCouture-Fouad-Sarkis-4a NHNCouture-Fouad-Sarkis-4b

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