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My life has indeed been a living testimony! Your Grace, Mercy, Favour and Love has seen me through all these years! I live LORD to serve you! My life is ALL about You! LESS OF ME LORD BUT ALL OF YOU MY FATHER! You saved me, delivered me, defended me, exempted me, lifted me and then beautified me! You put a smile on my face constantly and gave me the best gifts of life for FREE! You my LORD and my ALL IN ALL! I bow before Your throne in awe and adoration, lifting my hands to declare: IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU! I AM ALL ABOUT YOU! I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL! I am a living proof that indeed you can never serve God in honesty and in truth and remain a nobody! NHN Couture is total proof that You-Are-Indeed-A-LIVING GOD! A year plus and we have proved to the world that success in business can be achievable when you do it God's way! We've broken all of Harvard Business School and Lagos Business School rules for a successful business! We at NHN Couture have proved that: 1. It's not about the LOCATION! NHN Couture is situated at my backyard not in a mall, not at the front of major business district, not by a major road side, no sign post, nothing to give you an insight that a business is in there. You can keep passing my street and never have an inkling that a booming business is right somewhere around. Even my neighbors have no idea! It's a miracle and I am grateful to God!

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