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The Powerful Power of our TONGUE


“I’ve met many women who don’t realize what a treasure their marriage is until it’s stolen from them. STOLEN HOW, you may wonder? Marriages are stolen by our comparisons —our endless wishing that things might somehow be different, more romantic than they actually are. Marriages are stolen by our lack of appreciation. As women [and also as men], we often focus on what isn’t being done, rather than on all that is being done and done well, if we’re truly honest.”

The enemy of our faith is called a thief, and a liar, and is continually trying to get us to believe things that aren’t true. And one of the things we too often allow to be stolen from us, is the view that our spouse is a gift from God to help us to become more like Christ. We fail to see him or her as if they are autographed by God to not only bless our lives but to smooth down our rough edges.

We allow our eyesight to become focused on the negative to such a degree that we don’t see the positive and acknowledge it. We don’t realize that as we encourage each other we “spur” one another on to “love and good deeds.”

A woman has a weapon that is as strong and stronger than any man has in his physical strength. It’s this little thing called the tongue, which is attached to the heart.

What’s in the heart comes out in the tongue and has the ability to absolutely overpower any man.

In this New Year let’s use the powerful tool that God has given us as women- our tongue! A wise woman uses her words to build and not tear down.

Good morning!

  • seun


    True talk. If only we women can be patient but the cares of life sometime overshadow and overwhelm us to the point that the only things we see is what the society dictates us.

    January 7, 2015
  • wordimpact007


    Talk is the cheapest intangible commodity available to man. But talk in real sense may be cheap but the consequences are very costly. Many broken lives, relationships and failed businesses and careers are directly and indirectly caused by wrong use of the tongue. My prayer is that we all come to grasp with the realization of the fact that our tongue is so powerful a force that it controls our entire life. Thanks for the post.

    February 11, 2015

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