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WARRIORS by faith…

WARRIORS by faith, these prayers will confirm to you that God is still in the business of restoring dry bones to life. Ezekiel 37;1-8. Why must I prophesy against my dry bones?.. because God almighty bids me do so. In Mathew 18;18β€”I believe by faith that whatsoever I say into His ears[according to His will ] He will definitely do in the name of Jesus.
As I command divine release of favour and breakthrough into my life, all my dry bones, all the areas of my life notably my physical, spiritual, academic, social, finance and business, which have defied prayers must be revived now,all the bands of wickedness coordinatedΒ  by the host of darkness and which have made life unbearable to me, must disband and catch fire .
Now that I have known the will of God for my life, I boldly detroy the strongman of my life.and the altars they represent the mighty name of my Lord Jesus Christ.

1. I cannot be cheated continually,[never again] I, therefore, prophesy with the tongue of a prophet, against any power of the enemy programmed into the air,Β  sea, land or forest, to cheat and distract me from my blessings. I command fire and hailstones to fall upon them and the angels of God should begin to persecute them in the victorious name of Jesus.
2. May divine garment of favour and breakthrough be released on me, making it easy for people in the name of Jesus.
3. Oh God arise and make void the counsel of Ahithophel of this city and cause them to fall by the sword of their enemies.
4. I decree divine conception of ideas and business opportunities, holy spirit, search the land of the living and recover my stolen blessings [name them] in the name of Jesus.
5. I cancel every negative dream,Β  spells and incantations working against me in the name of Jesus.
6. I command to be clothed with the divine garment of supper natural favour and breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus.
7. I am the Ezekiel of today and as the Lord commanded Ezekiel.I prophesy divine release of breakthrough in my business, and total turn around and victory in all areas of my life where the devil have been holding me hostage in the name of Jesus.


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