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#weekendcolorinspiration | Peach, Coral, Blue | Don’t Give Up On Your Vision


Despondency is a tool the devil uses to steal people’s vision. He injects this evil poison into man’s heart through the experience of loss and suffering. That today is bad and the future looks bleak does not mean that your tomorrow will be terrible. As long as you are in CHRIST, You can be rest assured that your tomorrow will be alright. Don’t give up on your vision! Even if the devil stole a particular blessings from you, don’t give him your vision. Dry up your tears because you need clear eyes to see new opportunities that God is giving to you.

Infact, the avenue to your recovery can be around you as we speak, but as long as your eyes are flooded with tears, you will see only the situation and not the opportunities.


Has the enemy taken everything from you like he did for Job? That could just mean like Job you too are going through a trial of your faith. Don’t give up on God!

Don’t let the devil take your joy because the joy of The Lord is your strength. The knowledge that God is with you in that particular situation and that the devil has clear boundaries with regards to the extent and timing of your trial should comfort your heart (Job 1:12& 2:6).

Make sure that like Job, after your trial, you emerge as GOLD. In addition to putting an end to tears, you also need to encourage yourself in The Lord (1 Samuel 30:6).

To succeed in life and in the Christian race set before you, don’t be surprised that in the midst of certain situations, the things or people you thought you would draw great motivation from could end up becoming the source of great discouragement…………………. Take courage, believe and confess that the negative situation you are currently experiencing will not kill you. Don’t allow it to rob you of your tomorrow. You shall see God’s goodness in the land of the living in Jesus Name.



Have a blessed Weekend!

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  • Ellen


    Thanks lovely sister for your incouraging words! You bless me a lot with your lovely words,be blessed dear

    September 29, 2015
  • Maameyaa


    Thank you very much for your inspirational words. You have really ministered to me. The bit about dwelling on the past mistakes and failures that brings us stress and depression. Thanks for the advice. You have made my day.

    Also I really love your styles and colour combinations. Keep me posted.

    August 9, 2016

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