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What Love Really Is

Love is the basis and foundation of a happy marriage and relationship. For marriage to be successful love must be its ultimate motive.
You may now ask what is love and how can one monitor ones relationship to make sure it is always on track?Love is longsuffering, having patience and tolerant with your spouse’s shortcoming, mistakes and imperfections. Love is kind it is active in doing good. Love does not envy, it is non-possessive and non-competitive it doesn’t mind others getting ahead.

Love is not puffed up or inflated with pride, and so does not treat others arrogantly. Love does not behave rudely, but displays good manners and courtesy.

Love is not self-seeking, insisting on its own rights and demanding precedence, rather it is unselfish always considering others. Love is not easily provoked; it is not irritable, touchy, rough or hostile but graceful under pressure.

Love does not take account of wrongs done to it, instead it erases resentment, love is a forgiver.

Love does not find satisfaction in the shortcomings or disadvantage of others and so spreading an evil report, but love aggressively advertises the good in others.

Love defends and holds others up, it believes the best about others and so credits them with good intentions it is not suspicious.

Love never gives up on others, but is always affirming their future. Love perseveres and remains loyal to the end. Love [God] never fails.

Use this simple but profound definition of love to guide your words, thoughts and actions in your marriage and relationship. Let this be your main goal no matter what, agree to follow it.

This is how to have heaven on earth in your marriage and whenever things are not going on the way they should you can be sure at least one person is not working in love.

We love and dearly appreciate you.

Credit: Gbenga & Ronke


Jewelry: Artsmith, Gbenga Dada
Makeup: Talking Faces
Outfit: NHN Couture
Photography: Smokii
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    Another wonderful piece! Kudos

    May 6, 2015

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