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Emotional Issues | Why Women Often Fight Each Other by Mosline Farawu



Just read this article and I think Its worth sharing.
I absolutely agree with the writer.

It is often a puzzle as to why women cannot and will not co-exist peacefully. Cases abound of women tearing at each other in society, in families, in the work place, in politics, in the neighbourhood and even in the church. This phenomenon makes one wonder, what really is the cause of such cat fights? I have studied a number of instances where women fight each other and have analysed the causes; though they are many, they all boil down to one thing, jealousy. Jealousy might seem fickle but it is a big issue among women and has been the greatest destroyer of what seemed to be good relationships. I share below some instances where women have fought each other.

Fighting in families; a good example is that of mothers and daughters-in law. There is a lot of bad blood flowing among these females. Most of the relationships are based on a cat and mouse kind of relationship. Sometimes the mother-in-law cannot separate herself from her son’s marriage, behaving possessively and demanding attention as if they are married to the same guy. Other times, the daughter -in-law is jealous of the attention given to her mother-in-law by her husband. The two women struggle to co-exist because they are fighting for the attention of one man.

In dating or marriages; it is not uncommon that two women discover that they are dating or involved with the same guy. Instead of confronting the guy and putting him in his place, they engage in cat fights against each other. Sometimes the fights degenerate from a war of words to a full scale physical and bloody or even deadly battle. This proves that human beings still possess animalistic instincts as evolution theories state: each woman views any other within her range as a threat to her resources or prospects. In a herd, there is usually one bull to a dozen females and each one has to fight for attention if it has to realise dreams of ever nursing a young one.

In the workplace; it could be that one woman features as being very beautiful or well-groomed and so makes her colleagues look stodgy, and dumpy and old. Also getting too much attention from the boss or male members of staff can be a sure recipe for disaster as the other women are consumed by jealousy. Since women are powered mostly by emotions, they react negatively to such a challenge and an all out war to bring down the other person ensues. Things like backbiting, gossip and enmity toward other females in the workplace have their roots in jealousy. It’s like hens in a chicken coop; they all fight over the rooster.

In politics women bring each other down just to prove a point. Some women could just be downright stubborn, and hate being wrong or disrespected; so they think they need to prove themselves so that people do not think they are pushovers. Other places where women fight against each other are in the neighbourhood, when someone thinks that the other person is better off than they and needs to be brought down. Gossip is usually fanned by jealousy for what the others have or seem to have; it could be a well-furnished house, a good husband or well-behaved kids. It is also quite strange that even in the house of God, the church; women are busy fighting and destroying each other. It is all because of competition and fighting for attention as women are ruled more by the heart. It is survival of the fittest for women.

It is therefore quite clear that jealousy followed by competition, fear and selfishness rules the roost for women. The world would benefit a lot if women laid aside this tearing aspect of humanity and instead look at each other as co-members of a vital and precious species that has to stand united.

Written by Mosline Farawu is a blogger commenting on women and issues affecting women in the 21st Century.


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